Areas of Application

  1. Perimeter and border surveillance,
  2. Target recognition.


  1. Detection of (slow) moving ground targets in clutter environment
  2. Detection of UAVs with low radar cross section at low heights
  3. Determining the targets 2D coordinated (range, azimuth), RCS, radial velocity and Doppler spectrum moments
  4. Detection of artillery fall


                Radar user display


Technical Specifications

Instrumental range 0.1…30km
Antenna type waveguide slotted
Peak power 30W
Elevation span 20°
Azimuth scanning 360° (continuous)
Scanning rate 90°/s (max)
Targets coordinates azimuth-range
Target location accuracy
        range 5m
Target radial velocity accuracy 0.1m/c
Min. radial velocity 0.2m/c
Coordinate system WGS-84 and polar
Dimensions 1.2х0.5х0.75m3
Weight 65kg
Input Power 300W (max)
Data and Control Interface 1000BASE‑TX Ethernet


Radar Sensitivity

Targets and typical RCS Detection range with SNR>15dB
UAV, 0.01 m2 7 km
Person, 0.5 m2 18 km
Car, airplane, 1 m2 25 km


  • Capability of detection of slowly moving targets with low RCS in the strong clutter background including marine targets,
  • Radar can be mounted on a mobile platform (car, track, trailer etc.),
  • All weather operation,
  • Integration of radar data with standard geographic information systems,
  • Industry-standard communication